Why a Facilitator?

There are 3 excellent reasons to use a facilitator to leverage your Business Strategy approach, and minimize the risk of failure.

  • Firstly, an objective perspective is essential to overcome various biases and cultures and bureaucracies that build up over the years. These, if unchecked, can limit Decision-Making and Strategic Evaluation and have a seriously negative cost impact.
  • A Facilitated process is oriented top-down, whereas most will try to develop a bottom-up strategy. Business Strategy and Decision-Making are specialist areas that take years of study. A lack of understanding of the principles, process and pitfalls increases your risk of error dramatically.
  • A Facilitator minimizes the risk of the limitations of ‘Bounded Knowledge’ (Welch), best described as the Dunning-Kruger effect. This translates into over-confidence without a realistic foundation of understanding.

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